Syedur Rahman

BEng (York UK), MSc (Oxford UK)

Lecturer, CSE Department

North South University


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        CSE173 Grades and Summary

        ETE131 Sec-2&3 Grades and Summary





The details of the final examinations of the courses I am teaching are as follows:





Unit 4: Graphs and Trees (all)

Unit 5: Recursion and Complexity only

Unit 6: Counting, Binomials and Probability (all)

18/08/2008 2pm




Unit 4: ASK, FSK, PSK and PCM only

Unit 5: Cellular Accessing Technology (all)

Unit 6: Fibre-Optic Communications (all)



Special Materials for Download for Revision




study materials


If you can not download the files, try sometime later or let me know via e-mail which files you need and I will mail them to you as attachments.



Courses Currently Taught


ETE131: Introduction to Telecom. and Computer Engineering


Lecture Notes

0.      Course Detail and Outline

1.      Engineering and Computer Systems

2.      Number Systems and Logic

3.      Communication Systems and Signals

4.      Principles of Modulation

5.      Cellular Accessing Technology

6.      Fibre-Optic Communications*


Recommended Reading Material

        Computers and Number Systems, by Rajesh Palit, CSE Dept., North South University

        Basic Digital Logic, by Paul Godin, Western Canadian Robotics Society

        Data Communications and Networking 3rd Ed., by B.A. Forouzan, McGraw Hill

        Communications Systems, by Rajesh Palit, CSE Dept., North South University

        Cellular Access Technology, by M. Kabir Hossain, CSE Dept., North South University

        Optical Fibre Systems, by M. Towhidul Islam, CSE Dept., North South University


Problem Sheets

        Sheet 1: Number Systems (solutions)

        Sheet 2: Negative Binary Numbers (solutions)

        Sheet 3: IEEE754 Floating Point (solutions)

        Sheet 4: Time and Frequency Domain Plots (solutions)

        Sheet 5: Digital Modulation and PCM (solutions)

        Sheet 6: Optical Fibre and Cellular Access (solutions)




CSE173: Discrete Mathematics


Lecture Notes

0.      Course Details and Outline

1.      Propositional and First Order Logic

2.      Arguments, Inferences and Proofs

3.      Sets, Relations and Functions

4.      Graphs and Trees

5.      Induction, Recursion and Complexity

6.      Counting, Binomials and Probability


Recommended Reading Material

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications 5th Ed., by K.H.Rosen, Tata McGraw-Hill

        Units 1.1-1.8, 2.1-2.4, 3.1-3.5, 4.1-4.4, 5.1-5.2, 7.1-7.6, 8.1-8.5, 9.1-9.3


Courses Previously Taught


CSC348: Artificial Intelligence

0.      Course Details and Outline

1.      Intro. to Artificial Intelligence, Agents and Logic

2.      Inferences in Propositional and First Order Logic

3.      Problem Solving and Search

        Informed Search Techniques

4.      Reasoning, Change and Planning

5.      Artificial Intelligence and Uncertainty

6.      Decision Making and Learning


CSC273: Theory of Computation

0.      Course Details and Outline

1.      Logic and Methods of Proof (Recap)

2.      Regular Languages and Finite State Automata

3.      Context Free Grammars and NPDAs

4.      Turing Machines and Computability

5.      Decidability and Encoding Turing Machines

6.      Complexity and NP Completeness




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